In 1948, Ted Glass saw a demand for a tree spray company to be started in the Eugene/Springfield area. After several requests for his expert advice and assistance with orchard spraying, Ted created Glass Tree Care. An innovative pioneer in the spray service industry, he developed many of the practices and services that are used by the spray service industry today. He invented and marketed the first roof moss removal product in the Northwest.

Ted prided himself on catering to the customer’s needs.  When customers wanted their lawns to be fertilized, Ted implemented a fertilization program; when customers complained of dandelions, he developed a lawn weed program; when pruning was requested, he found the best pruner in the area to teach him the art.

This customer service centered approach continued on when Ted retired and sold Glass Tree Care to his son-in-law, Jim Mischkot in 1979. Jim’s business philosophy to expand Glass Tree Care was based on providing personal and prompt service to its clients. Since 1979, the Glass Tree Care standard is to have face-to-face communication or a scheduled appointment within 24 hours of a client’s inquiry.

That philosophy coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and materials have set Glass Tree Care apart in the Pacific Northwest and in the tree care industry. If you were to ask Jim today the reason for the continued success of Glass Tree Care, his answer would be “we provide fair, honest service, service, and service."

This legacy continues on today through three employees that Jim hired over 20 years ago. Doug and Mel are the backbone of Glass Tree Care. With a combined total of more than 55 years at Glass Tree Care, they are the most experienced and knowledgeable tree and lawn experts in the state.

They are constantly working toward improving their practices and products so they can offer their customers the most effective, environmentally sound materials and services to control problems in their landscapes.

Glass Tree Care has now implemented a natural solutions program for lawns, trees, shrubs, gardens and fertilization. The natural applications use a mixture of kelp and fish oil combined with different plant oils to control insects and plant disease. If you’re looking for an effective, environmentally sound product for pest control the natural solutions program is a wonderful option.

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