Brush and Briar Control

For many properties, brush and briar control is an important part of keeping the property functional and protected. Young brush seedlings are often killed during the mowing of the property. For more established brush and briar situations, chemical control may be necessary. The treatments include foliar, basal bark, tree stump, and frill treatments.

Blackberry and poison oak can take over a property and can be a very difficult pest to remove without proper equipment. Glass Tree Care has the equipment and knowledge to knock down overgrowth and then make applications to make it much easier to manage future overgrowth.

There are several varieties of blackberries here in Oregon and all of them can be harmful to a landscape or structure. Blackberries are a favorite food to many birds and other animals and their seeds are easily spread from one area to another. Once established, the blackberries are difficult to control because of their creeping nature and the sprouting of new roots in the first year’s growth. This allows the invasive berry to take over areas very quickly. People often try to control the berries by mowing, weed whacking, and digging. These strategies tend to be very labor intensive and offer only short-term benefits. Glass Tree Care can target your blackberry problem and give you the control that you need without all the painstaking work. Our customers find this service to be very affordable and well worth the cost.

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