Crane flies

Crane flies are often called giant mosquitoes or mosquito-eaters however neither is accurate. Crane Flies are not harmful to humans, pets, or any other insects; in fact their sole purpose is to mate and lay eggs. Females lay eggs in the soil of lawns where they will develop into larvae that burrow into the soil. The European crane fly larvae are often referred to as “leather jackets” and it is during this stage that they do the most damage to landscapes. Leather jackets feed on the roots of grass causing lawns to disappear before your eyes if the population grows too large.

Crane fly damage can be recognized in a couple of different ways. A good indicator of their presence is large groups of birds feeding on the grubs in your lawn. You will also usually notice areas of your lawn thinning and eventually disappearing if they are left untreated. Fortunately, treating a lawn for crane flies is simple and cost effective.

We make two applications through the year to cover the two periods that the grubs are active. One application in the spring and another in the fall will ensure that your lawn is protected against this persistent pest.

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