Fence lines & driveways

Keeping your fence-line and driveway free of vegetation is important for aesthetics, curb appeal, safety, and security. Overgrown fence-lines and driveways can make visibility difficult for vehicles backing-up. Depending on the material of your fence, overgrown vegetation can be a fire hazard. If the fence ignites, it can quickly spread to neighboring buildings. Fortunately, a program of regular maintenance and spray service can protect your property.

If your residence or business is located in Eugene there are “Obnoxious Vegetation” city codes that require owner attention. Eugene City Code section 6.815 include: Weeds that are more than 10” high, grass more than 10” high (except agriculture), poison oak and poison ivy. Blackberry vines and vegetation needs to be dealt with if it’s a fire hazard, near combustibles, extends into a public way or pathway frequented by children, crosses a property line or is used for habitation by trespassers. For more information about City of Eugene codes see the Nuisance Vegetation Program.

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