Natural Solutions – Fertilization

Enhance your landscape the natural way.  We care about our community and our environment and recognize that chemicals are not always the best solution. We are proud to offer Natural Solutions to our customers.

Stripped of natural resources, urban landscapes receive two natural fertilization treatments in the spring and the fall. A mix of kelp and fish oil is often blended with mycorrhizae and used to restore vital nutrients.

Benefits of Pacific Natural Fish Oil

  • Plant Health
    • Creates long lasting results, improving plant color, root development and overall tissue health
  • Soil Health
    • Elevates soil qualities for deeper rooting and better absorption of water and nutrients
    • Unproductive soil is rebuilt and replenished
  • Microbial Activity
    • Produces an efficient and effective uptake source of food for the growth of beneficial soil microbes and other organisms
    • Provides supplementary macro and micro nutrients
  • Pest Resistance
    • Better soil and plant health improves resistance to pest and fungal disease

Benefits of Kelp

  • Stimulates root and plant growth
  • Bio-activator breaks down soil nutrients for plants
  • Increases resistance to disease and insects pressure
  • Strengthens resistance to extreme cold and drought conditions
  • Increases yield and development of flowers and fruits


Learn more about Natural Solutions tree and shrub programs by calling us at 541-688-5987. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates.