Flower Fertilizers

Flowers enhance your landscape with their colors and sweet fragrances. Many varieties can produce blossoms during the entire growing season if their nutrient requirements are met. Nutrients are typically added to soil though fertilization.

Fertilizing your annuals and perennials can lead to larger blooms, longer blooming seasons, and better overall health for your flowers.  There are some flowers like nasturtiums that don’t need regular extra fertilizer. But most flowers, particularly annuals, are grown to produce lots of flowers and beautiful leaves. Annuals that are grown for their blooms need a lot of phosphorus. This nutrient encourages good blooming, healthy roots, and disease resistance. Annuals that are grown for their leaves need more nitrogen. Nitrogen encourages leaf growth.

Annuals require more fertilizer than perennials because they only last one year. They start over with a fresh, healthy root system each year. Perennials generally do not need a lot of fertilizer and some will react badly if too much is applied 

We also have all natural solutions through our Natural Solutions program that may be a good fit for your fertilization needs. 

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