Garden Fertilizers

A good summer garden starts with preparing the soil the previous fall or winter. Applying a fertilizer at the end of the season that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will pay dividends during the next growing season. Covering it with a thick mulch or cardboard will slowly release the nutrients into the soil over the winter.

Cold-weather or early season crops with short seasons that do not produce “fruit” require little fertilization if the ground was fertilized over winter.  If fertilizer was not added at that time, a faster acting version can be added before planting or when sowing seeds.

Most summer vegetables require a lot of nutrients. Corn and tomatoes have the heaviest consumption of nitrogen to produce flavorful fruit. During high heat or low water conditions, nutrients in the soil become more difficult to access by the plants.

We also have all natural solutions through our Natural Solutions program that may be a good fit for your fertilization needs. 

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