62 years serving our community

We are licensed, knowledgeable, & experienced.

We pride ourselves on having more than 62 years of servicing the Pacific Northwest and Lane County’s unique climate and ecosystem. This uniquely positions us to provide the best solutions for outdoor spaces in this region. As licensed pesticide applicators, we are knowledgeable and experienced in proper application for eliminating diseases and pests that plague lawns, trees, shrubs and plants. The moist and rainy climate offers special challenges for disease growth and pest infestation.

Due to constantly changing labels, laws, and regulations it’s important to work with a licensed applicator to identify the pest/disease and treat it with the proper number of applications and dosage of either natural solutions or pesticides. Improperly treating or not treating pests or diseased lawns, trees, shrubs and plants can result in long-term problems and sometimes even the spread of the pest or disease to other areas of your landscape. Preventative spray programs can offer you peace of mind and keep pests and diseases under control so you can enjoy your landscapes for decades to come.