Lawn Care

If you’re like most homeowners with a lawn, you’ve probably encountered moss, thatching, weeds or fungus impacting the green, healthy lawn you planned to have. There are preventative strategies, chemical treatments and natural solutions for controlling these common lawn problems.

Thatch happens when dead and living plant parts intermingle between the green top layer and soil. When the thatch becomes thick, uneven dry spots develop. This leaves the green part of the grass growing above the soil line so it’s not as well insulated.  Because the green part of the grass is further out of the ground, mowing often exposes the brown area of the leaf that is usually concealed beneath the soil line. This is called “scalping” the lawn. Aesthetically, it leaves your lawn looking patchy and uneven. Regular spray treatments with our spray programs can keep your lawn healthy and green.

The most successful long-term strategy for moss control in your lawn is to grow grass that outgrows the moss. Excessive moisture needs to be eliminated and the proper species of grass must be planted in the problem areas. You can maintain grass by proper watering, maintaining the proper pH levels, and by implementing a regular fertilization program. All of these can promote grass growth and help to keep out the moss.

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