Natural Solutions – Lawn Care

Want a lush and all natural lawn? During the summer, around 95% of the brown spots in lawns are caused by lack of water. Another common cause is having your mower set too low and cutting the stems of the grass, which cause yellowing and browning. Under certain conditions, diseases can cause discolored spots in lawns. Animal damage can also be a problem.

Our lawn program consists of 12 OMRI-listed organic treatments, 11 of which use a granular fertilizer comprised of dried poultry, blood meal, feather meal and sulfate of potash. In the winter, a lime application balances the pH of your soil. Using this blend of different materials ensures that your lawn gets a balance of nutrients and trace elements to promote healthy and sustainable growth.

You only need to make sure that the application has dried or been thoroughly absorbed into the soil before returning to your lawn. All the materials that are in this program are listed organic. The applications are made up of fish emulsion, kelp, and a variety of plant oils. Your pets will not be affected even if there is exposure.

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