Lawn Moss

Moss in a lawn does not actually kill the grass. However, it does create poor growing conditions like increased shade and drainage issues. If left unaddressed, these conditions will cause the grass to die. Moss encroachment usually occurs because of some deficiency in the lawn. Herbicides and chemical control can be used in partnership with general lawn care to control moss.

The most successful long-term strategy for moss control in your lawn is to grow grass that outgrows the moss. Excessive moisture needs to be eliminated and the proper species of grass must be planted in the problem areas. You can maintain grass by proper watering, maintaining the proper pH levels, and by implementing a regular fertilization program. All of these can promote grass growth and help to keep out the moss.

If moss is an issue in your lawn, let us diagnose its cause and implement a plan of action to enhance your lawn’s growing conditions by making it inhospitable to moss growth.

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