Lawn Moss Treatments

Moss that is part of your lawn can indicate that the turf is not growing well. Moss does not actually kill grass it just creates growing conditions that are not good for turf. This includes extra shade, poor drainage, poor fertility, and compacted soil.  One way to eliminate moss from a lawn is to improve the condition of the grass.

Herbicides and chemical control have short-term effects on moss in lawns. In many lawns, the moss will come back if the conditions are not improved.  A good place to start is by having Lime treatment applied to your lawn to improve the acidity of the soil.  The ideal soil pH for most lawns is 'neutral', about 6.5 to 7. A pH below 6 is considered 'acidic' and over 7 is 'alkaline'. Acidic soil will often be associated with poor fertility and may encourage moss growth in bare areas. When the acidity is corrected, lawn fertilizer can be applied to improve the grass.

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