Lime Treatments

In areas that have soils that tend to be acidic, Lime is a piece of the good lawn care and soil management puzzle. Many lawn owners put down too much, not enough, or simply apply it at the wrong time. When used properly, lime adds alkaline components to the soil that reduce its acidity.  Metals are less toxic, and nutrients are more available. Critical to plant biology, Calcium is a regulator of plant growth and part of the cell walls of plants.  Magnesium is a critical part of chlorophyll. It improves soil structure and encourages proper soil microbe activity.

Lime applications can help with weed prevention and control in your lawn. Since weeds do not grow as well in non-acidic soil, improving soil quality through the application of lime can control the weeds and make fertilizer more easily accessible to your grass. Thatch build-up in the lawn is diminished when the acidity level of the soil is addressed. When the conditions are good for root development the grass will grow better.

We use quality Limestone materials during application. Let us help you and recommend a good application program to keep your lawn healthy all year long by calling us at 541-688-5987. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates.