Moss Control

Moss control occurs by physical removal, chemical treatment, or a combination of these methods. In Oregon, moss growth is substantial due to the wet weather and temperate climate. Mosses are unique in that they can grow on rocks, rooftops, concrete, and other moist areas. Mosses spread as spores that get nutrients through a variety of substrates or water. Mosses grow during the months where there is lots of water, low light, and low temperatures. Most mosses go dormant during the summer months.

Chemical control of mosses on trees and shrubs is best left to the professionals. The products often require special protective equipment to handle safely. Typically, either copper sulfate or lime sulfur is used to control mosses.  Mosses are best treated when they are not growing.

We also offer our Natural Solutions option for moss, algae, and lichen control on roof, walkways, and patios.

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