Natural Moss Control

In addition to offering our customers natural tree and shrub care, we also offer a natural option for moss, algae, and lichen control on roofs, walkways, and patios. Using a liquid allows us to spray the material onto your roof and sidewalk ensuring complete coverage. If you’re not interested in using herbicides or chemicals to remove moss, the best way is to power wash or scrap the moss away. You can then address the landscape issues by performing additional pruning, tree removal, or debris clearing to control the moisture, airflow, and shade in your yard.

Here are a few natural ways to remove moss.

  • Use boiling water and then scrub it off with a stiff brush.
  • Use a power sprayer to remove moss in driveways, patios, or between cracks.
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the moss and let sit for 24 hours. Then scrap off.

If you try these methods and are still having trouble, we offer our Natural Solutions option for moss, algae, and lichen control on roof, walkways, and patios.

Learn more about natural moss control by calling us at 541-688-5987. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates.