Ornamental Disease & Insect Control

We are very fortunate in the Northwest to be able to grow a large variety of trees and plants. However, with this great diversity comes a whole host of problems that can affect tree health. The most common calls we receive are about a tree looking unhealthy, having disfigured leaves, having black and brown spots on the leaves, having holes in the leaves, or dropping its leaves too early. Often, this is a result of a disease infecting the branches and tissue of the tree. Because of the cool, wet environment that we have in the winter and spring months, disease pathogens thrive and result in poor looking trees in the late spring, summer and fall.

Just like us humans, trees are more susceptible to disease and infection when they are stressed and unhealthy. Making sure that that your trees are properly watered, fed, and pruned is very helpful in preventing disease. Some trees and plants, however, need additional protection. Disease control programs are preventative applications that protect the new growth of the tree. The best time to treat for disease is when the tree begins budding and leafing out in the spring. Once a tree has fully leafed out and hardened off, it has improved defenses and is much less susceptible to disease.

Glass Tree Care & Spray Service also has the ability to treat tree disease using a Wedgle injection system that eliminates the need for multiple spray applications. In areas that are sensitive, or if trees are too large to spray, we can inject material directly into the cambium layer of the tree during the fall months. This will protect your trees for the following year. This is sometimes a more cost effective and manageable approach to protecting your trees.

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