Root Weevils

Adult weevils are night feeders and stay in the soil at the base of the plant during the day. The adult weevils are small dark beetles with antennae. It is important to identify the correct species of root weevil for appropriate treatment as they have different life cycles. The weevils are common May through September. The larvae of most species will overwinter in the soil around the roots but there is only one generation per year.

To identify if you have a root weevil problem, check leaves for fresh bites in early spring when the early root weevil species begin. You can also look at night by flashlight to trap a weevil for identification.

One way to help prevent root weevil infestation is to cultivate the soil in April or May to eliminate overwintering larvae before planting your plants. Adult pest management can begin in May or June. Controlling the larvae can begin in the fall.

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