Tree & Shrub Fertilizers

A fertilizer is any type of material (other than lime) that is applied to soil, plants, trees or shrubs to supply it with nutrients that are imperative to the growth and development of the plant. In the case of trees & shrubs, research has shown that when these trees receive nitrogen fertilizer they will grow more rapidly, develop a denser canopy of leaves and branches, and stay green longer into the fall.

Before fertilization we’ll want to know how much growth the tree or shrub typically has in year. We’ll want to know if the color or size of it has changed and if there have been any recent disease or insect problems.  We can fertilize trees with many different modes of delivery and are currently the only professional spray service in Lane County offering the Wedgle injection method to reduce unwanted spread that can occur with spraying.

A laboratory soil test can confirm what levels nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are present in the soil 

We also have all-natural solutions through our Natural Solutions program that may be a good fit for your fertilization needs. 

Learn more about tree and shrubs fertilizers by calling us at 541-688-5987. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates.