Tree & Shrub Care

A healthy outdoor landscape can add value to your property. Regular tree and shrub care can control pests, improve tree and shrub roots and enhance the performance of ornamental plants keeping your landscape beautiful for years to come.

There are two indicators that are used to determine when insect pests will become active. There are growing degree-days and phonological indicators. Pest activity is closely related to temperatures. Many insects are more active when the growing degree-days reach a certain range. Phonological indicators use the blooming period from flowering plants as an indicator of insect activity. With both of these methods we get a good idea of what needs to be treated and when. These treatments and their timing can vary year-by-year given variability in climate and temperature.

We offer preventative tree spray services which are applied just before the pest or disease is anticipated to be active. This can help prevent or minimize damage. Most insects can be controlled with preventative sprays.

We offer curative tree spray services to treat plants that are already suffering from insect pests. The population of these pests can change during each season. In many cases, tree and shrub damage will occur if spraying is not done.

We are the only company in Lane County currently offering Wedgle Injections for treating specific trees. With the Wedgle injection technique, we are able contain the treatment to specific plants thus eliminating the risk of it spreading to neighboring plants. Alternatively, we can deliver specific nutrients to the tree. Learn more about Tree & Shrub Spray Services by calling us at 541-688-5987. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates.