Weed Control

Weed control is a year-round job that can be streamlined by careful planning of your landscape, good maintenance practices, and the use of spray services. Depending on your landscape and the environment and exposure concerns, you’ll have many options available to you.

These options include a combination of manual weeding, proper identification and treatment of existing weeds, and removal or planting of additional landscaping materials to control the livability of the weeds. Weed control requires both patience and persistence.  Simple things like drip irrigation and purposeful fertilizer application can feed necessary flowers, plants and veggies without providing excess for weeds to grow on.

When weeds do start to crop up in your landscape, it’s best to remove them before they become established. Mulches can be applied to surface areas to help impede weed growth. Mulches are a good choice for long-term weed control.

Weeds that persist after preventative tactics can be managed through diligent removal, biological organisms like microbes, or chemical sprays.  Herbicides can be an effective solution for controlling weeds. Some weeds are also more susceptible during their growth stage. With our years of experience and knowledge, we apply the correct amount of herbicides by correctly identifying each weed and the proper number of applications needed to control it.

If your residence or business is located in Eugene there are “Obnoxious Vegetation” city codes that require owner attention. Eugene City Code section 6.815 include: Weeds that are more than 10” high, grass more than 10” high (except agriculture), poison oak and poison ivy. Blackberry vines and vegetation need to be dealt with if they are a fire hazard, near combustibles, extend into a public way or pathway frequented by children, cross a property line or are used for habitation by trespassers. For more information about City of Eugene codes see the Nuisance Vegetation Program.

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